《今月のサロンは?》WELgeeサロンvol.25 *English below


1/27(日) 14:00-17:30(13:30受付開始)

国際協力機構市ヶ谷ビル(JICA市ヶ谷ビル)〒162-8433  東京都新宿区市谷本村町10-5


  • JR中央線・総武線 「市ヶ谷」 徒歩10分
  • 都営地下鉄新宿線 「市ヶ谷」A1番出口 徒歩10分
  • 東京メトロ有楽町線・南北線 「市ヶ谷」6番出口 徒歩8分



13:30 受付開始
14:00 イベント開始
16:00 イベント終了/交流会開始
17:00 交流会終了




【WELgee Salon vol.24】

The theme of this month’s salon is “Express yourself by art”!

Nationality, background, Colour of skin. None of these things should be barriers to becoming friends. WELgee Salons are not about “Refugee Aid”, but a place where through conversation, we can see each other as individuals and make new friends.

Come and join us this month and meet many different types of people!


27th January 14:00 – 16:30 ( 13.30 Doors Open)
** Please arrive ten minutes before the start time

JICA Ichigaya Building  10-5, Ichinamomonmura-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8433

【Participation fee】
Junior High School and younger Free,
High School 1000Yen
University Student 1500 Yen
Standard 2000Yen

【Event Contents】
With WELgee Salon members coming from every part of the world, it is a wonderful opportunity to introduce different countries cultures through performance and discussion. It is not just an event to hear the stories of the refugees, but one where you will be able to talk and learn about each other more deeply during the two-hour period.

Let’s have a good time together talking with refugees living in Japan!

13:30 Doors Open
14:00 Event Starts
16:30 Event Ends/ Mingling
17:00 Mingling Ends

**If you would like to participate, please book ahead of time.
Application Form can be accessed will coming soon↓↓

1 Please Use the URL above

2 Please fill out the important sections and submit the form

Please check the Facebook page for additional information

There is a possibility that a media personnel (TV/Newspaper etc) could come to the event, thank you for your understanding in advance.

WELgeeサロンvol.25 お申し込みフォーム (Application form for WELgee saloon vol.25)

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