[Let’s go to see film!] 2016.1.20 18:30-21:30

Story of closest island to African continent, small island of Italy.

Crisis of refugees who came to escape from their own countries and the daily life of villagers in the island.

*At dialogue session, Sayaka from WELgee will be on the stage with the director!

The works of Italian film-maker Gianfranco Rosi transcends the barrier, existing between documentary and docu-drama.

His documentaries are often about outsiders and document the life of people living in the periphery.

In “Fire at Sea” (the Golden Bear Winner at Berlin Film Festival), he observes a group of people, living in a small island town called ‘Lampedusa’ – situated half-way between Tripoli and Sicily.

The central person in his narrative is super-smart 12 year old boy named Samuele. Rosi also ponders over the events that put forth Lampedusa in the international news.

In the past two decades, the small island town has witnessed the passage of at least 40,000 refugees, crammed in small boat making way to Europe, from their impoverished, war-torn native countries (nearly 15,000 people have died in making such a journey).

Rosi’s documentary primarily observes Samuele and life in the island. But the disturbing visuals of dehydrated refugees, getting rescued by Italian Coastal Guards in white jumpsuits makes it contemplation on the existence of a quotidian reality alongside horrendous reality.

Although, “Fire at Sea” is not about, what the western media dubs it as ‘European migrant crisis’, the filming of traumatized, parched human faces, dragged off from overloaded boats, agitates our collective conscience.

And, these haunting images are shot from a very humanistic perspective, unlike the desensitized images we see in news clips.

-Date: 20th Jan(Fri)18:30〜21:30
-Venue: 立教大学 Rikkyo University
(Film and symposium)

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